Our purpose is simple: to help you experience the love of Jesus. God’s love is too big to be experienced in any one event. It’s an ongoing journey of discovery. So, here are four easy steps to get you going on your journey.

Step 1: Join a Small Group


After your first visit with us it’s super important to join a small group.

Step 2: Join the Mission


When you join Golden Central you join our mission to help our generation experience the love of Jesus. Being a part of Golden Central is about so much more than having your name on a church roll. It’s about finding God’s purpose for your life and making a real difference.

Step 3: Serve


Jesus set an example of serving others for each of us to follow. We get to experience God’s love like never before when we serve others. You will love the joy that comes with helping others experience God’s love.

Step 4: Generosity


We are never more like Jesus than when we give. Your passion to give supports the local church, local ministries, and missions. God wants us to give cheerfully and generously.